About us

LaTable is a project. It is about bringing people together and filling tables and bellies. Anyone who wants to can announce their table on laTable.

How did this come about? We like to cook for guests. But sometimes we would also like to cook with guests. When Migros started their popup project Kitcheria, I immediately booked tickets for 10 people and asked friends to come along. We had a great evening in Bern. The great thing about it, besides delicious food, is that you spent time with friends. Some didn't know each other and so new acquaintances were made. I thought to myself: something like this should also be possible at home. In "everyone's" kitchen. Because the kitchen in the Kitcheria was bigger than ours, but it also had "only" an oven, a refrigerator and a cooker. Somehow it must be possible to do Kitcheria at home. Cooking, enjoying and meeting people together. That's how laTable was born.

It is currently in a test phase. The first step is to gain experience how to cook with 8 people in a "normal" kitchen. We are rehearsing this at three test events. At the same time we are taking pictures for the platform. The events are closed in this first phase. We invite people directly.

In a second step we will announce events publicly and invite friends. Then we will see how that works.

This platform is a prototype. There is no possibility to register as a host yet and many other features are still missing. These will be developed. If you are interested in participating in the test phase, please contact philippe@aelligs.ch. I would be happy!